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Environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly, green building

...whatever you call it, the underlying principles are similar. An environmentally sustainable home should minimise the risk of harming the environment, society and the economy over both the short and long term. This needs to happen not only during the construction of the house, but also during its lifetime of use, and it starts in the design phase.

Outlined below are many of the important elements we consider during the design and construction phases of your new home, along with a list of operational features we aim to build in to the design to make it easy for you to live a green, sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle with minimum effort or change to your current habits.


  • Appearance and layout able to withstand the test of time
  • Flexibility to adapt to your changing needs
  • Healthy to live in
  • Considering local climate and environmental factors
  • Minimal visual and physical impact on the environment
  • Passive heating, cooling, ventilation and waste management
  • Energy efficiency and production

Construction materials

  • Natural products, with low or zero toxicity
  • Locally produced, with low embodied energy
  • Re-used, recycled and/or renewable
  • Durable, low maintenance
  • Future-proofing and environmentally friendly technology

Construction practices

  • On-site recycling of waste materials where possible
  • On-site sorting of all other waste for recycling
  • Erosion, sediment and emissions control
  • Protection of surrounding ecosystems – flora and fauna

Operational features

  • Passive solar heating
  • Solar hot water heating
  • Self-cooling and ventilating
  • On-site rainwater harvesting and use
  • On-site treatment/disposal of water, sewage and other waste
  • Zero external electricity consumption or excess generation fed onto grid

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