Patteson Exterior Lounge with "cadilac" leather lounge suite
Custom designed deco table Dining room
Custom made mirror  

Art Deco Interior Design - PATTESON HOUSE

When our client purchased this property, a developer had added a second storey and "modernised" most of the original fittings. However, the place still had a certain Deco ambience, and we were asked to help enhance this on the ground floor, which was to be converted to a Bed & Breakfast.

The brief was to create a strong sense of drama, yet use practical, hard-wearing materials that would also be comfortable and functional for a constant stream of guests. Due to budget and time constraints, it was also necessary to work with the existing carpet and lighting.

The drama began in the dining and lounge areas, where we selected a vibrant burnt sienna for the dining room walls, with matching drapes for both rooms in a subtle William Morris print. A reproduction "Cadillac" leather lounge suite and fun "zebra skin" rug in the lounge all combine to create a simple, yet stunning effect, while a custom-made mirror helps to bring the modern granite fireplace back a few generations in time.

After several months of searching for a large (10-12 seater) original Deco dining suite, we designed and commissioned a table to fit the room, adding chairs from a local retailer. The soft honey-coloured upholstery picks up the fine leaf print in the curtains, as well as the lighter grains in the cherry wood veneer of the table.

Two of the bedrooms were painted a pale mint green, with contrasting leaf-print fabrics used for drapes and bedspreads, and small sofas in a waved chenille furnishing the adjoining sunrooms. The third bedroom uses the same leaf-print fabrics in pale lilac tones to complement the walls, with an aubergine sofa and a Deco-style headboard made up to match.

The B&B has received a very favourable reaction from guests.