Curved exterior of Modena Modena Exterior
Modena deco iron security gate Kitchen
Cabinetry Custom-designed built-in table


Art Deco Kitchen Design - MODENA

The brief was to provide both kitchen and dining facilities, with good workflow and storage, in the tiny space that the original kitchen had originally occupied. This had been demolished by a developer in the 1980s and replaced with a badly designed kitchen and laundry, lacking in bench, seating and storage space.

The new kitchen was created at the back of the room to ensure the already small space could not be compromised by use as a thoroughfare. Reeded glass doors and curved ends were specified for the cabinetry, continuing the American Moderne style suggested by the exterior and the name of the building. Original cupboard and drawer handles, lights and plumbing fittings were sourced by the owner to contribute to the authentic period look.

In addition to the storage pictured, an old broom cupboard was converted to a pull-out pantry and the small seat at the rear of the bench lifts up to allow items to be stowed away underneath. The seat is upholstered in an original 1930s design from the Backhausen fabric range, and the granite benchtop was selected to mimic the terrazzo surfaces popular in the 30s and 40s.

The custom-designed built-in table provides a comfortable place for the single occupant to enjoy breakfast, coffee and the morning paper, while extra chairs can be added for guests and stored away when not in use.