Remodelled kitchen with recycled rimu cabinetry Lounge with corner window bringing in plenty of light
Tiled surface of shower with tesselated floor tiles New staircase with recycled window
Tesselated floor tiles covering the bathroom floor Art Deco style glass door


Art Deco Renovation - THORNECREST

When our client purchased this house in the late 1990s, it had been neglected, with a poorly designed and run-down kitchen and bathroom. Initially, we assisted with paint colours, and, after living in the house for several years, the owner asked us to work with the family to re-orient the upstairs spaces to create a more functional kitchen and bathroom, and address the many problems associated with the original basement development.

Upstairs, the wall between the existing kitchen and bathroom was moved to provide more kitchen space, including a pantry and separate breakfast area. Cabinetry was made from recycled rimu sourced by the owner. The new bathroom features a Deco-style tiled shower box, pedestal vanity and toilet to service the upstairs bedrooms and living areas.

The narrow and dangerous staircase occupying a strip of the hallway was removed and rimu floorboards reinstated to restore the generous entrance. A section of the long, narrow lounge was taken up with the new staircase, which now opens off the side of the hallway, with the additional benefit of improving the shape and proportions of the lounge.

Extensive excavation below the house has provided a lot of extra space, including two bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry, teenage 'den' and workshop. Part of this area had been developed in the 1960s or 70s, but it had been damp and musty, with low ceilings and poor finishing. Considerable effort was put into acheiving a proper ceiling height in all areas, orienting the bedrooms towards the sunny Northern face of the house, and addressing the drainage on the perimeter wall, which was allowing moisture into the area.

1930s-style tesselated floor tiles were laid in the hallway, laundry and bathroom areas downstairs and in the upstairs shower. These were combined wtih brick-shaped wall tiles and reproduction 1930s skirting and listello tiles in both bathrooms and the kitchen to restore the Art Deco ambience of the home. Art Deco period power points, light switches and light fittings were also reinstated as part of the renovation.