Careful attention to detail in the mouldings help the entrance extension fit in seamlessly Traditional style shingle work
The front of the building looks better as a whole now that the entrance spans the gap between the two bays A welcoming approach at a suitable scale
Oriental slat trellis promoting good ventillation of the garage and copper security lights The two large doors allow easy access
The new garage is nestled well under the mature tree Oriental slat trellis down the side of the garage


Bungalow addition - Puketaha garage and entry

Two small changes to this sprawling bungalow, located in a heritage zone in Epsom, have had a major impact on the lives of its occupants - without impacting on the character of the home or the neighbourhood.

The existing porch was small and poky, and had people tripping over each other as guests and family arrived and departed. The whole front entrance has been extended to fit the grand proportions of the c1911 bungalow, with a handy lidded storage box at one end doubling as a seat for putting on and removing footwear. Careful attention to detail in both the design and construction phases has ensured that the new entrance blends completely seamlessly with the 100-year-old home.

The second challenge was to provide a new garage oriented to the driveway and front entrance of the house (with the old garage on the Northern side transformed into a summer house). The owners wanted a structure in keeping with the style of the house that would sit lightly among the established trees, causing minimal visual and physical disruption to the garden.

A combination of weatherboards and shingles was selected to anchor the garage to the earth and reflect the materials used on the adjacent house. Japanese trellis walls allow light and air to penetrate the structure, while providing privacy and security for its contents. The trellis and the plywood and batten garage doors are both in natural cedar, designed to blend gently with the surrounding trees as they age.