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3D view of front - Environmentally Sustainable Beach House Rear elevation - Environmentally Sustainable Beach House
Side Elevation - Environmentally Sustainable Beach House Front View - 3D view of front - Environmentally Sustainable Beach House

Environmentally Sustainable Beach House - WAIONEHU

Intended initially as a holiday home, the owners wanted large, free-flowing spaces that could easily accommodate their own family as well as friends for extended periods in summer or winter. There also had to be provision for adding offices or more rooms if the owners choose to make this a permanent home in future.

With our clients expressing a preference for natural local materials that would quickly become part of the landscape, the house is solidly anchored to the land within a nest of local stone, which surrounds the house on three sides and also occupies centre stage in the fireplace. The front and higher sides of the home are in simple plywood, which will weather gracefully in the coastal sun.

The inside of the house is arranged very simply in a fan shape, with the central area for living, cooking and eating, a master bedroom on one side and bunkroom on the other. Bathrooms, storage and laundry are tucked into the back of the sleeping spaces, with access from both living and bedroom areas. The ‘fan’ can be easily expanded to provide more rooms in future.