Spanish Mission style public front Contemporary back


Heritage Style Façade, Thames - KIDDS PHARMACY/JUDDS VIDEO STORE

This was designed to replace the original shops, which burnt to the ground in 2003. Jointly owned and tenanted by Judds video and Kidds Pharmacy, we were commissioned by Warren and Liz Kidd to design a façade which would provide a solid heritage look in keeping with the colonial style of many other buildings in the main street of Thames. Inspired in part by the Spanish Mission style of the old monastery in the town, large bay windows at street level feature reproduction leadlights, while the upstairs balconies are partially enclosed to provide a semi-cloistered, more private outdoor area.

In addition to the shop spaces, flexible open-plan areas with separate entrances were required upstairs, to allow for unspecified future use as offices, apartments, gallery or other functions, depending on each owner’s preference. While the front balcony and façade matches the heritage style at street level, the rear of the building was given a more contemporary look, with baby corrugated iron, Japanese trellis, concrete and glass enclosing the balconies.