Heritage Design Group, Home

Heritage Design Group is an architecture and design practice based in Auckland. We focus on additions, alterations, and restorations to prestigious character homes which reflect their original heritage value, while making your home sustainable and functional for the 21st Century. Three simple philosophies underpin our approach to design:

Healthy and people-friendly

We will work closely with you to ensure your home works well for you and your family, with healthy and pleasant living spaces that are flexible to your changing needs. We use materials that are people and nature friendly, with surfaces that you will enjoy touching and living in now and for years to come.

Environmentally sustainable

We apply sustainable design principles and specify environmentally friendly materials to minimise the effect that you and your home have on our environment. We specialise in adapting homes to be self-sufficient in heating and cooling, energy use, water consumption and waste disposal. Key members of the design team at Heritage Design Group are also experienced eco designers, and have a deep understanding of sustainable home design, materials and construction.

Character and integrity

We believe that re-using and recycling an existing home is the ultimate in environmental sustainability. Careful design, selection of building materials and sustainable building practices ensure that changes to your 19th or 20th Century home work with the environment, rather than destroying it; while its architectural value is preserved and enhanced.


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