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ADDITIONS & ALTERATIONS - As your family expands and changes, altering your existing home is often preferable to uprooting and moving elsewhere. We will help you to retain the character of your home and neighbourhood, and still achieve the space and flexibility you need. We recognise that a comfortable, healthy living environment is paramount, no matter what style of house you have.
NEW HOMES - We will design your new home to be beautiful, comfortable, healthy and convenient to live in, while creating minimal strain on our environment and resources. We believe that by making the most of our natural resources, and utilising  the possibilities that technology has to offer, your new home will become a valued part of New Zealand’s architectural heritage and an asset to your family in years to come.
RESTORATION & RENOVATION - We think it is possible to enjoy a 21st Century lifestyle and still retain the essential character of your home. Whenever it was built, we believe your home can look fantastic finished in the materials and style of that period. From the smallest interior details such as light fittings, door handles, furnishings and fabrics, right through to the materials used in the structure itself, we will work  with you to restore your home to its original glory - no matter what the previous owner has done to it!
ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE DESIGN -  We care about the future of our planet and want to ensure your home will impact lightly on the environment.  We always consider how the sun and wind will warm and cool your home, select non-toxic materials with low embodied energy, and work with builders and other tradespeople to minimise construction waste. Depending on your situation and requirements, we will also incorporate water heating and collection, electricity generation and waste management systems into your home.
INTERIOR DESIGN - To us, interior design is not just a case of picking out the latest colours and styles to decorate your home. We think it's important for the  interior you live in to suit your personality as well as the character of your home. Our aim is to create spaces that are comfortable, functional and timeless, and to solve problems in a way that improves your home and your life.
THEATRE & SOUND SYSTEM - We love movies and music, and we love to create viewing and listening environments for others who share these passions. Our principal Niel de Jong worked for many years as a post-production sound designer in the film and television industry, and can design you an audio-visual system to surpass anything you will find at a public cinema. With our extensive network of furniture and textile suppliers, we can also help you to create your choice of a modern or retro theatre interior.
FLAGSTAFF 2004 - Old farmhouse recycled to create an essentially new home, providing large North-facing indoor and outdoor living areas, and using sun, wind and rain for heating, cooling and water collection.
KIDDS PHARMACY 2004 - Commercial building in Thames to replace original destroyed by fire. Designed in the Spanish Mission style to complement the colonial / early 20th Century heritage of the main street.
WAIONEHU 2004 - Environmentally sustainable beach house, using sun, wind and rain to maximum advantage, built with natural, locally available materials, and with flexibility for future expansion.
PUKETAHA SUMMER HOUSE 2005 - 1930's garage recycled to create a summer house retreat in the garden of a 1911 bungalow. This cool haven includes a bathroom and changing room for the adjacent pool and a reading room/study which doubles as guest accomodation.
BELL HOUSE 2006-07, 1930s weatherboard ex state house enlarged to accommodate a growing family. A sustainable renovation using natural and recycled materials, and adding rain water collection for toilet, laundry and garden use.
PUKETAHA GARAGE 2006, New double garage sits discreetly in the large established garden of an Epsom bungalow. Improvements to the front porch provide more room for welcoming and farewelling guests, and a tidy place for shoes, sports gear, etc.
LAL HOUSE 2006, Addition to front and back of bunglow.  New walk in wardrobe, ensuite, guest bedroom and kitchen remodelling bring this family home into the 21st century while keeping the classic bungalow charm.
WAIPU COVE BACH 2005 - Hillside bach overlooking Waipu Cove, built from local stone, cedar and zincalume. Features passive solar heating, rain water collection and solar water heating.
CUPPY'S PLACE 2005-06 - Alterations and extensions, incorporating kitchen, bathrooms and restoration of original features, to a transitional villa in Waipu.
THORNECREST 2005 - Complete re-model of kitchen and bathroom areas in original Art Deco house, coupled with extensive excavation to provide a lot more functional space.
KAHURANGI 1996 - Substantial addition to late 1930's home, including restoration of period fittings throughout and installation of 1920's style home theatre.
KAHURANGI 2006 - Heritage Design Group's own offices made environmentally sustainable though solar power, solar hot water and rain harvesting. Extensive remodelling and renovation of upstairs kitchen and bathroom.
CINTRA 2000 - Interior restoration of an Art Deco apartment, including selection of colours and textiles, reinstatement of period light fittings and hardware, and the creation from scratch of a 1930s-style tiled bathroom.
MODENA 1998 - Maximum kitchen and dining space for a tiny area and minimal budget in an Art Deco flat in Mt Albert.
PATTESON HOUSE 2001 - Interior revamp of a much-altered Art Deco home in Mission Bay, re-creating the ambience of the Jazz Age for an upmarket Bed & Breakfast.
BONE HOUSE 2006-07, Upper floor and basement additions to a brick and tile ex-state house. More bedrooms, bathrooms and living space to fit the existing footprint. Natural ventilation.