Balcony with rigging screws and cantilevered roof Large new deck and major alteration to villa
Sweeping views are available from the upper deck The house opens out onto the deck for the summer. The eaves allow the sun in during the winter.


Environmentally Sustainable Villa Alteration - FLAGSTAFF

The farmhouse on this coastal block had had numerous unflattering additions since the 1970s, but the owners liked the character of the original 100-year-old villa, so we used that as a starting point for a ground-up re-creation.

The Northern side of the house has sweeping views to two rivers, and is also sheltered from the biting South-Westerly winds, making it perfect for the bank of doors opening from living, dining and bedroom areas onto a wide sunny deck. The concrete verandah from the existing house was retained and acts as a thermal mass to collect the heat from the Norther sun during the day and release it into the living area in the evening.

The decking links the house to an existing shed, which has been converted to provide self-contained accommodation for guests and a space for art and craft projects. A new upstairs area extends the view out to the sea, providing a library which will double as a bunkroom for younger guests in the summer.

Rain water is collected from the roof of the house and stored in tanks at the rear, and electricity is generated via solar and wind technology. Cooking is done on a traditional wood-burning stove, which has a wet-back to boost the solar hot water system.